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Your home maybe the biggest investment in your lifetime and can become a nightmare, if regular maintenance is not implemented. Therefore, it is in your best interest to maintain and repair the external fabric of your property, to ensure that no damage or costly repairs are required at a later date. It is known that a property’s outer appearance, (kerb appeal) is often the deal maker (or breaker) when it comes to buying or selling your home. It takes potential buyers no more than eight seconds to decide whether or not they like your property. This applies to all properties, Houses, Tenement buildings, New Build Homes/Apartments, cottages and Mews etc. There is also the surrounding areas to your property, ground maintenance, woodlands, parking bays and play parks etc. that are all part of the Kerb appeal. Just imagine the first impression it would give if the grounds / gardens are over grown, weeds, gutters overgrown, rubbish lying about etc “First impressions count for a lot,”

At the time of purchasing your home, your solicitor would have advised you of the Terms of the Deed of Condition. If you have a mortgage the Deeds of Condition (Title Deeds) are kept by your lender. The Deed of Conditions are what all Homeowners are governed by.The Deeds of Condition are divided into sections, and each gives a clear and precise statement of what Home Owner responsibilities are in maintaining the property and grounds (if applicable) as well as what each Homeowners financial apportionment shares are, towards any common maintenance and repairs.

We would advise if possible that Homeowners have a copy of their Deed of Condition, for their reference.

Common Property refers to parts of the property which belongs to everybody (all Homeowners), which all are responsible for an apportionment share of costs, for the upkeep and maintenance.

Common areas may include:
Ground maintenance: grassed, shrub, suds ponds, and play-grounds in addition to parking bays etc.
Roof: gutters, downpipes, chimney pots and cowls, flashing, slates, ridges, roof timbers, etc
Communal areas: Stairwells, lighting, car park, back court and bin stores, lifts, door entry systems etc
Gilmour Property Services Ltd would be responsible for the general Management of the building, property or development as defined in the Deed of Conditions.

Our core duties include:

  • Arranging common maintenance and undertaking necessary repairs on behalf of the Owners.
  • Liaising with other Property Managers / Owners of adjoining properties in mutual Repairs.
  • Seeking competitive quotes from well-established contractors for any major works required.
  • Organising all common maintenance contracts, such as cleaning and gardening.
  • Arranging Communal Buildings, lift Insurance (if applicable)
  • Organise maintenance contracts for Lift, dry risers, smoke vents, alarms etc.
  • Assisting the Owners with queries in relation to communal maintenance problems.
  • Collecting payment from the Owners in terms of communal expenditure and implement our debt recovery procedures, if required.
  • Carry out site Visits and address any issues discovered.
  • Attend AGM or EGM meetings.
  • Organise maintenance contracts for Play areas (if applicable)

The above duties are not exhaustive, we can tailor our services to the Owners requirements.

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